Self Motivation – So Easy to Say

Self Motivation – So Easy to Say

The hardest part of sticking to a plan is being motivated to stick to that plan.

The second hardest part is clearing a path to allow yourself to stick to that plan.

We all have things besides ourselves that get in the way of our best intentions. We have jobs. We have family and friends. We have errands like banking and chores like laundry. These things don’t get done by themselves. And even in this modern day of online this and that, sometimes we still must leave the house to accomplish things when we are pressed already for time.

Lately I have noticed that I am not the only one that seems to be struggling with this. There has been an increase in the number of articles about planning and organizing our lives. Why does it seem that the easier it is now supposed to be, we are still unable to get it all done?

Personally, overcommitment is an issue. I have a job. My children are grown so I can’t blame them for demands on my time. I enjoy a close circle of friends near and far that I try to connect with a couple of times a month either in person or via phone. Still, I don’t seem to get done all the things I want to accomplish.

Apparently, the problem is me. I seem to think I can get things done in less time than it takes to do them. This leads to a perpetual backlog…which leads to stress for me. That stress is not motivating. I feel like I am swimming backwards through peanut butter.

I have decided to do a time and motion study – on me! For the next few weeks, I will track how much time it takes me to accomplish things. IN DETAIL. 

For instance, if I must go to the bank, I will note the time of day, driving time, actual time to conduct business, then drive time to return home. I will do this for tasks that require me to leave the house as well as for those that do not.

Many times, when I sit down to do research or write, I find that several hours have passed. Why? Because I have gone down the proverbial “rabbit hole” instead of sticking with my planned activity. This is something I can control – and need to control to gain back valuable time for those planned activities that are on my to do list.

So, wish me luck and check back to see if I was successful, or if I am still a work in progress!