Getting Started with MFL

Getting Started with MFL

I have a busy life just like you. There never seems to be enough time to do the things I should do for myself.

If I’m honest, my priorities need to be adjusted. Taking better care of myself should be #1 on the to do list, but sadly, it always gets pushed to the bottom of that list.

Facing another birthday and a few more pounds, I am going to try again to get it right. Enter the Mediterranean Fasting Lifestyle, a program developed by someone with a Sports Coaching degreee who found himself at the mercy of aging and love of food.

After reading the book it sounded easy – “I can do this,” I thought. So here we go, friends. 

Join me as I reinvent myself and my relationship to food. 

Stay with me through the struggle of balancing my work demands with gym time, because at 67, I am, like many of you, still working. Why? I retired, got bored, and missed the feeling of accomplishment my work gave me. My children are grown, and I never developed a love of golf, despite living in the perfect climate to persue that sport.

So, I am going to endeavor to do better for myself. People living in the Blue Zones around the world are known to have happier, longer lives. I want to give that gift to myself by concentrating on my own health and wellness. 

Won’t you join me on this adventure?