At the Gym the First Day

At the Gym the First Day

Along with my new eating plan, I had decided to add activity to my new lifestyle. I don’t like to use the word exercise, because it conjures images of sweaty hours doing something I do not enjoy. Activity sounds like something you do for enjoyment. I like to enjoy myself.

I had visited a new gym being opened in my neighborhood before they were open for business. I was able to talk with a counselor who listened to my needs and concerns. He suggested a visit to another location not far away that had been open for some time.

On the day of my appoinment I met with the training planner. He went over my medical information and goals. He was an older gentleman who shared with me that he had begun this same journey several years ago. He had started out as a 300 plus pound middle aged man. He was still middle aged, but by my estimation was now closer to 180. I felt encouraged knowing he had been successful. I joined the gym! They offered an upgraded package that included massage chairs/tables, tanning and red light therapy that I chose.

Since I had taken pilates and pure barre classes over the past year or so I had a couple of outfits but found a sale and purchased a few more. I had already invested in good shoes recommended by my podiatrist, who preferred Brooks or New Balance. Now I could not use lack of proper clothing as an excuse to avoid going to the gym. 

Next was to schedule times so I would make it a priority. Since the gym is close by, I selected Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday late morning slots and added them to my calendar. Now I had a goal to make these breaks a habit. One of the tenets of the Mediterranean Fasting Lifestyle is centered on habits, but more on that another day.

Tuesday rolled around and I headed out to my first day. Since I had signed up for the MFL coaching program I had my customized routine loaded in an app on my phone. It included videos on how to approach each machine and instructions on the number of repetitions and sets. As I completed each one, I checked it off and moved to the next.

Once I reached the end of the routine, I was surprised how much time had passed – over an hour! I had been so engrossed in making sure my form was correct, posture aligned and in listening to the music in my Spotify app that I totally lost track of time.

As I moved on to enjoy the relaxation of the massage bed, I pondered how much I had enjoyed my first gym day. The people were friendly, the other clients I had imagined would be looking at my overweight body disdainfulling did not materialize, and I felt great! I had a sense of accomplishment. And hopefully was on my way to creating a new healthy habit.